Marys Meals Quiz

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Mary's Meals is based in
 Malawi
 Glasgow
Mary's Meals provides school meals in
19 countries
 23 countries
 15 countries
Magnus Macfarlane- Barrow, the founder of Mary's Meals has written
2 books
 3 books
 4 books
Of every £1.00 raised Mary's Meals what percentage goes to the work?
 87%
 68%
Mary's Meals vision is that ( tick all correct answers)
 children across the world go to school
that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education
 those who have more than they need, share with those who lack even the most basic things

Mary's Meals backpacks go
 All over the world
To Malawi
 To every child who attends school

 Mary's Meals is
a volunteer led organisation
 a commercial organisation
 a not for profit organisation
To provide a meal for a whole school year it costs
 £16.90
 £14.90
Mary's Meals works where
 The Government requests
 The team think it would be good strategically
The community requests and can support the project to provide the meals
Mary's Meals uses locally produced foods
wherever possible
 always
 never
Mary's Meals has volunteers in
 Scotland
 The UK
Across the World
In Scotland Mary's Meals has how many charity shops?
 1
 7
 5
Please hand in completed forms today or bring along to our craft stall on 19 th December here, put
through the letterbox at Kilmun hall, or send your answers to Beverley via the contact page at
Each Quiz sold will provide 50 meals!
Completed, correct forms will be drawn on 20 th December and the winner informed.

For more information about Mary’s Meals go to marysmeals.org.uk

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