Discovery Award


The Discovery Award (www.discoveryaward.org.uk) is an achievement Award for all people 50 or over, regardless of personal capabilities, ethnic origin or place of residence. Like the Dof E for adults!

The Award aims to help promote an active and healthy lifestyle by offering challenges to both stimulate and motivate. The Discovery Award is a personal challenge, through a programme of your chosen leisure activities with no exam at the end. You need no special qualifications, just a willingness to have a go and the determination to do the very best that you can!!

It is non competetive, you progress at your own pace and within your capabilities, whilst having fun and enjoying yourself at the same time and suits both men and women.

There are three levels; Bronze, Silver and Gold - each with specified time span and leading to its own certificate and badge.

Each level has four sections:  Service in the Community, Recreational pursuit, Hobby or Interest and finally; A Journey of Discovery (which need not be a physical journey or an expedition, but can be if you wish)

The Annual fee at present is £7.00, but new members  will be asked to pay £11.00 to include the membership fee for a year, a Handbook, Record Book at Bronze level, other info in a Starter Pack, plus postage and packing. The Annual fee is renewable on September 1st each year.

Interested in signing up and meeting monthly to encourage each other?

The group will meet on June 24th, August 26th and October 28th at 10.30am. If you would like to find out more and/or confirm the meeting is on please contact Beverley via the Kilmun Village Hall website page - http://www.kilmunvillagehall.com



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